Best of NEWTON in one week

Business trends, cutting-edge science and unexpected discoveries, inspiring personalities, discussions and networking in one week and one place from March 18 to March 21, 2024.

The second edition of NEWTON Research & Innovation Week is here

Don’t miss a packed programme of international scientific conferences, a pop-up market for our students and alumni, a job fair and much more. We look forward to seeing you at NEWTON University in Prague, March 18 – 21, 2024.

This year’s NEWTON Week personalities and speakers

Amy C. Edmondson

Management Professor from Harvard Business School

Marian Jelínek

Mental coach to top athletes and executives

Margareta Křížová

Business mentor and advisor on business strategy and mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Čestmír Strakatý

Moderator and content editor, Reflex

Programme of the week


March 12, 2024

5pm — 7:00pm

The Science of Failing Well with Amy C. Edmondson

NUG Annual Conference

March 18, 2024

2pm — 5pm

NEWTON University Group’s Strategic Direction

Forum of Entrepreneurship

March, 19 2024

9am — 5pm

Entrepreneurship, education and social development in the context of technological change

Pop Up Market

March 19, 2024

10am — 4pm

Support your classmates, inspire each other

Job Fair

March 20, 2024

10am — 4pm

Get a great internship

Panel debate: Media, leadership, education and AI

March 20, 2024


Guests: Čestmír Strakatý, Margareta Křížová and others

NEWTON Business Summit

March 21, 2024

9am — 4pm

Experience the best of our professional programmes

Representative Ball

March 21, 2024

7pm — 2am

A festive climax to the week

Why NEWTON Research & Innovation Week

The NEWTON Business Summit brought together an incredibly inspiring gathering of entrepreneurs and executives to share their experiences and ideas in business and innovation. Discussions focused on the latest trends in technology, marketing and business.

doc. Ing. Jiří Koleňák, Ph.D., MBA, LL.M. Vice-Chancellor for Strategy and Development at NEWTON University

This interdisciplinary conference (Management and Social Science Congress), in the TEDx talks format, aims to bring together social and political sciences on the one hand and business and management studies on the other.

Anna Plechatá Krausová, Ph.D SCR Fellow, St Antony’s College and Affiliate Member, Latin American Centre, University of Oxford & Vice-Chancellor for International Relations, NEWTON University

Students’ Poster Section

The Students’ Poster Section is a unique opportunity for NEWTON and other university students as young, creative and aspiring researchers to display the summary of their research, interests or projects. Participants showcase their academic endeavours through posters, displayed along NEWTON’s corridors during the whole Innovation Week. At the poster preparation stage, students are given guidance and can consult their work with the organisers, which develops their understanding of the approach to this kind of academic projects. 

By taking part in the poster conference students gain the opportunity:

  1. for academic engagement
  2. to network with other passionate young researchers
  3. to get the certificate of participation in the poster conference.


The NEWTON Research & Innovation Week programme is aimed at both students and prospective students, not only through the Job Fair and Pop Up Market, but also through other activities in the form of the European Forum of Entrepreneurship scientific conference. We also target academics who are interested in current topics, science and research. We want to create an environment where people can be inspired, learn and make new contacts with people with the same interests. So whether you’re a student, alumnus/​​alumna, researcher or prospective student, NEWTON Research & Innovation Week is for you!

This year’s programme will be spread across the week but there will be no shortage of activities:

  • NEWTON Minds: Amy C. Edmondson (kick-off event)
  • NEWTON University Group Annual Conference
  • Student Pop Up Market
  • European Forum of Entrepreneurship academic conference & networking party for conference attendees
  • Job Fair
  • Live Panel Debate with Margareta Křížová, Čestmír Strakatý and other guests
  • NEWTON Business Summit professional education conference
  • NUG Representative Ball

After purchasing your tickets, you will be sent all the additional information needed to register. Registration will take place each day before the event starts at the NEWTON University premises in Prague.
Events such as the NEWTON Pop Up Market, Job Fair and Panel Debate are free to attend. However, for capacity reasons, free registration will be required via the links on this page.

Event partners

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NRIW Project Manager
Veronika Písková