X‑TREAM MANAGEMENT: strength, endurance, initiation

A management training to overcome your limits

What is X‑tream management

X‑tream management is an extraordinary training that will test your load management in extreme conditions. It focuses on unlocking your potential and your ability to deal with moments of crisis. It will help you to take control over your business and yourself.

Everybody sees the fence, you see the hole

Our experts manage simulated situations so you can be efficient, creative and work on survival as part of a team. Become the leader everyone can rely on when it looks like there is no solution.

How do we develop your potential as a better leader and manager?

We rely on cognitive science

We apply the latest knowledge from management, psychology, biology, neuroscience and other disciplines.


Get to know yourself! Understand how you function as an individual and as a team member or leader.

Complete diagnostics

We help you discover your personal, mental, psychophysical and social potentials. This will put you at a competitive advantage.

Development of systemic and critical thinking

We focus on mindfulness, antifragility, and psychological stability. This is the basis for soft skills and hard skills of every good manager.

X‑tream is a process of internal change that started with one “ordinary weekend” in nature and continues in all areas of life, months and years later. It was a big life change that moved me in an unexpected way. X‑tream is a springboard for me to courage, adaptation, testing and self-discovery. For me, it is a return to self, nature and life in the present, it’s about leaving the comfort zone and increasing the level of consciousness. X‑tream is simply a step forward. 

Lidija Kovarik, Director of the Illusion Art Museum in Prague


What is the training structure?

BLOCK 1: Comprehensive Pre-diagnostics
BLOCK 2: Four-day intensive outdoor training with continuous load
BLOCK 3: Individual management profile consultation and summary report on results and performance during the course

What do I get when I graduate from X‑tream management?

A certificate, an individual management profile and a summary report of your results and performance during the course.

Who will be on the teaching team?

PhDr. PaedDr. Eva Ambrozová 
PhD, PhDr. Ing. Vratislav Pokorný 
doc. Ing. Jiří Koleňák Ph.D. 
and other external specialists in the field

Do you want to know even more?

Read more about X‑tream management training on our blog NEWTON Today.

X‑tream doesn’t work with passing on knowledge, people create knowledge themselves. They work with their own limits, different variants of decision making and problem solving. Everything is directed towards them.

PhDr. Ing. Vratislav Pokorný