Work experience

Gain first experience in a real work environment

NEWTON prides itself on connecting learning with practice

Work placements in partner companies and institutions are an integral part of your studies at NEWTON University. From the first year onwards, we offer students various forms of cooperation with selected companies and involvement in a number of interesting projects. Along with their university diploma students receive a Certificate of a Completed Internship at the end of their studies, which becomes part of their professional CV and gives them a great advantage over graduates of other universities when entering the job market.

You will get an internship including a certificate of completion

Internships are a normal part of your studies and the certificate of completion gives you a great advantage over your competitors.

You will experience real working environment

We’ll help you find a work placement where you can use what you’ve learnt in class.

We’ll help you on your way to your future career

Our NEWTON Careers Centre can help you kick-start your career.

Making valuable contacts in the corporate and public sphere

We help people to develop their personal brand.


We can also help you get a work placement abroad. Erasmus PROGRAMME.

Under the Erasmus+ programme, you can also go on a work placement. Depending on the location of the traineership, you can get a grant from the European Union of up to 600 euros/​month.
Catalogue of internships

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