Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy

If you would like to receive information about the personal data we collect about you, please contact the Data Protection Officer:, or visit us in person at:

  • NEWTON University, Rašínova 2, Brno
  • NEWTON University, 5. května 1640/65, Praha

At NEWTON University (Vysoká škola NEWTON, a. s.), we treat the protection of personal data with high priority. Here, we provide you with information about what personal data is collected within our university, how it is handled, from what sources it is obtained, for what purposes it is used, to whom it is provided, where it is possible to obtain information about the personal data processed and what measures are taken to secure your personal data.

1.    Method and duration of processing of personal data

  • We process personal data in accordance with the legislation governing the protection of personal data, including Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the (EU) Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.
  • We keep records of all personal data processed and are the controller of such data.
  • We collect and process personal data for specific, explicitly expressed lawful purposes, where the provision of our services is subject to the processing of personal data, or on the basis of the consent of the natural person, where consent to processing may be refused or withdrawn at any time.
  • We collect personally identifiable information that enables the identification of the natural person, contact personal data for communication and other specifying information related to the services provided and the activities of the company. Contact data means, in particular, the indicated address, telephone number, e‑mail address and other specifying information.
  • Information on the personal data processed is provided in the consent or information on the processing of personal data.
  • We process personal data for the period of time specified by law in the case of lawful processing, for the period defined by the legitimate interest or for the period of validity of the consent granted. At the end of the processing period, we will dispose of it by erasure and shredding.

2.    Where and how we obtain your personal data

  •  From you on the basis of admission to study and during your studies. 
  • When dealing with you at our events; on our website, where you can fill in your contact details with the informed consent you have provided for the processing of your personal data.

3.     For what purposes we process personal data

  • We process personal data in the context of your studies at our university and to ensure that we carry out all activities required to comply with our legal obligations.
  • For our internal use, to protect our rights and legally protected interests, to improve the quality and efficiency of the services we provide during your studies.
  • For other purposes, such as expanding the portfolio of products and services we provide; to inform you about new services, provide you with information about our college, and notify you of news and events.

4.    How we protect personal data

  • Our processing of personal data is governed by our Data Protection Enforcement Methodology. Specific steps and processes for organisational and technical security are set out. The guidelines and procedures for the protection of personal data are regularly updated and their implementation is under constant control. In processing, we use security mechanisms to ensure the protection of personal data at the highest possible level against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorised disclosure of, or unauthorised access to, personal data transmitted, stored or otherwise processed.
  • Employees and persons who handle personal data in the course of their work or contractual duties are bound by the confidentiality obligations imposed by legislation or contractual relationship. The confidentiality obligation continues after the end of their employment or contractual relationship with us.

5.     To whom we pass on personal data

  • To public authorities and public authorities in the performance of their legal duties.
  • To other entities, only on your instruction or with your consent.
  • We always require recipients to ensure the security and protection of personal data with regard to the rights of the data subject.

6.    How we process personal data on the basis of consent

  • In the case of processing based on informed consent, you are always free to decide whether to grant, restrict or refuse your consent to the extent proposed by us. We are bound by the scope of the consent provided;
  • You may withdraw the consent you have given at any time; the contacts for withdrawing consent are set out in the following paragraph.
  • In the event of refusal to grant consent or withdrawal of consent already granted, we will terminate the processing of the personal data concerned without undue delay, subject to technical and organizational feasibility;
  • Consent to the processing of personal data can be given again at any time.

7.    How to request the rights fulfilment and your rights in personal data processing

  • All contact details, procedures on how to exercise the right of access and make a request are set out below.
  • You have the opportunity to exercise your rights as follows:
  • By email:
  • In person at the reception desk of our company at the following addresses: NEWTON University, Rašínova 2, Brno, NEWTON University, 5.května 1640/65, Praha
  • By data box: 6kdfd3p
  • By mail at the following address: Vysoká škola NEWTON, a.s., Rašínova 2, Brno

  The right of access

  • Upon your request, we provide information about the personal data we keep and process about you.
  • We will prepare and without undue delay provide you with the information in the agreed manner requested, so as to ensure the protection of your rights.

   Right to data portability

  • Upon your request, we will prepare the personal data you provide in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format.
  • We will transmit this data in a secure manner to you or to another data controller you designate.

   Correction of personal data held

  • In order to properly provide our services, it is necessary to have correct and accurate personal information. It is important that you notify us of any changes to your personal information. If we are notified of a change, we will promptly make a correction to our records. If, during processing, we discover through our own activity that the personal data is not true or up-to-date, we will invite you to correct it and, failing confirmation, we will delete the data.

     Procedure for objection, restriction of processing, withdrawal of consent and other requests

  • You have the opportunity at any time to object to the processing of personal data, withdraw consent, request a change in the scope of consent, submit a request for restriction of processing or make a query or request in the area of data processing and data protection, as follows:
  1. By email:
  2. In person at the reception desk of our company at the following addresses: NEWTON University, Rašínova 2, Brno, NEWTON University, 5.května 1640/65, Praha
  3. By data box: 6kdfd3p
  4. By mail at the following address: Vysoká škola NEWTON, a.s., Rašínova 2, Brno
  • You can contact the Office for Personal Data Protection directly with an objection or complaint.

8.    Information about the principles of personal data processing

  • The Personal Data Processing and Protection Policy is published here on the NEWTON University website in a public form.
  • You are made aware of the Data Protection Policy when you submit your personal data as part of the admissions process and are actively made aware of it by our staff at our public events.


Form: Data Subject Rights Request Fulfilment

Form: Data Breach Report