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Kamila Sýkorová

Kamila Sýkorová is completing her studies in engineering at NEWTON University and also works at the school’s career centre. While in high school she felt like just a number in the system, but at NEWTON she’s part of a family. Kamila explains her study and career path and how she managed to pay for her studies.


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Lukáš Žďárský

Lukáš Žďárský, with his partner and classmate from NEWTON Jakub Zajíc, transforms abandoned spaces into places that are full of life. Such as the “Kavárna, co hledá jméno” (the Cafe Looking for a Name), the Radlická Cultural Sports Center and the Vnitroblock in Holešovice. He is a member of the prestigious Forbes 30 ranking.

Libor Hoření

Libor Hoření already managed several internet companies during his studies. Currently, the most visible initiative is Nesnězeno, in which he is one of the investors. Libor also founded, for example, the online portal or the online store with luxury food from all over the world,

Jakub Liška

During his studies, Jakub Liška joined the production company A‑NEWS, which produces documents and advertisements. Today, he is its co-owner and director of the Natočvideo, s.r.o. project, which developed the iReportér application. Over 60,000 users are currently sending their footage from mobile phones to the Czech Television and to the Slovak public RTVS via this application.

Jakub Nytra

Jakub Nytra is a graduate of NEWTON University, who, together with two classmates, founded two globally successful brokerage firms and one technology company, Purple Technology.

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Seznam Zprávy

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3D printing against COVID 19

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