Psychological safety

Rates of stress, depression, burnout and psychological discomfort continue to rise. It is 
becoming a societal problem, which we at NEWTON are intensively addressing.

NEWTON’s Collaboration with Amy C. Edmondson — Promoting Resilience

Preparing students for the realities of today’s workplace involves fostering personal resilience and the ability to work through one’s mistakes within a psychologically safe environment. We adopt a global perspective on this subject, drawing inspiration from the world’s leading experts.

That is why, in March 2024, we invited Harvard professor Amy C. Edmondson, who is considered a world-renowned expert on psychological safety.

Her insightful lecture at NEWTON emphasised the importance of embracing mistakes and highlighted the connection between development — both personal and corporate — and psychological safety. 
The themes Professor Edmondson discussed resonate deeply with us; they are integral to our teaching methods, specialised courses, and management training. We are committed to the message from Amy’s awarded 2023 book ‘The Right Kind of Wrong’ and will continue our intensive focus on the aforementioned critical areas.

27 %

of people suffer from constant stress at work

45 %

of workers feel enormous psychological pressure at work

The 2nd

most common health problem from work is anxiety

Amy C. Edmondson

Amy C. Edmondson is a Professor of Leadership and Management at Harvard Business School and is widely regarded as the world’s leading expert on psychological safety in organisations. She is the author of 7 books and has published over 60 professional articles in academic and management journals. 

Her most recent book, “Right Kind of Wrong”, was named the Financial Times Book of the Year in 2023. Last year, Amy was also ranked for the second time in the prestigious global “Thinkers50″ list.

Kateřina Çakin

Mgr. Kateřina Çakin serves as the Academic Director of Centre for Business Studies at NEWTON University and is an ambassador for the topics of psychological safety and constructive self-failure management. She is the professional guarantor of NEWTON University’s activities in this important field and oversees the development of newly emerging courses.

On the topic of #FeelSafe she says:
There are various approaches to handling failure. I have experienced situations where I realised certain methods were not conducive to growth. Mistakes are an integral part of progress, and I don’t want others to be afraid of them.I am pleased that my personal beliefs naturally met with the mentality of Newton University.

We form a safe community where individuals feel comfortable sharing their missteps. At our institution, working with failure isn’t stigmatized; rather, we see it as an opportunity for growth. When teachers receive support from their supervisors in this regard, they naturally extend the same encouragement to their students, which creates a closed circle of NU´s safe environment.

Tomáš Studeník

Tomáš Studeník is a multifaceted Czech innovator, author, and urban hacker, celebrated for pioneering generative AI in theatre and leading the first-ever AI-generated play performed by humans in 2021. With an educational background from the University of Liverpool and HEC Paris, and further training at INSEAD, Oxford, and Cambridge, Tomas has significantly impacted technology innovation in global companies and European cities. He founded the Caelestinus health tech incubator, serves as the CEO of Insane Business Ideas, and has been a driving force behind over twenty international hackathons focusing on AI, healthcare, and sustainability. His contributions include organizing FuckUp Nights in Prague, publishing ‘The Big Book of Fuckups’ in 2018, and co-authoring ‘The Art of Failure’ in 2023. Tomas  has been affiliated with NEWTON University since 2024.

Václava Kloudová Jiřičková

Václava Kloudová Jiřičková is  a specialist in business economics and applied psychology. With over 25 years of experience in leadership and psychological safety, she currently works as a psychological safety expert, assisting organisations in cultivating cultures of trust, collaboration, and innovation. 

Additionally, she teaches Leadership Skills at the University of Economics in Prague and remains committed to staying abreast of the latest research and knowledge in growth mindset, psychological safety, and resilience.

42 %

of young people are under constant stress

80 %

of young people feel frustrated by failure

47 %

of young people suffer from burnout at work

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The aim of our research is an intergenerational comparison of perceptions regarding stress levels, job demands, and their impact on health, exploring their potential relationship to psychological safety. We seek to understand how individuals from Gen Z experience stress and workload compared to those from older generations. By examining these differences, we aim to identify trends such as increasing pressure or decreasing resilience, and explore how the experience of difficulties at work is evolving over time.

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