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Erasmus allowed me to fulfil my French dream…

Thanks to our school, I got the opportunity to travel to a country whose lifestyle I’ve been dying to explore. I spent a semester in France, in the historically rich, incredibly beautiful city of Lyon.

The fact that Erasmus gives you a lot of experience, connections and improvement in the language we’ve known for a long time. And it’s also absolutely true.

During my “French era” I managed to penetrate the depths of the local culture and history, meeting many people from different parts of the world and comparing the countries and thinking styles, share my experiences and of course unforgettable moments. The more I learned about other cultures, the more my view of the world and its workings expanded.

At times it was not easy, however, only the obstacles and difficult decisions can take us to another level, both personally and professionally. To make the leap from your comfort zone and to go against the grain, to experience the workings of life from different perspectives was the best decision I ever made. So I found very solid global friendships and most importantly, I made friends with myself. I learned to speak French from scratch, which expanded my list of languages. And I even realised what direction I wanted to take in the future, which I’d like to wish for each and every one of you.

My US journey through an international exchange program

Studying abroad proved to be a great experience, I discovered different cultures and pushed the boundaries of my comfort zone. When contemplating the Erasmus exchange, I had the choice between Taiwan and the US. Since I have never been to the US before, I decided to go for an American experience, and the fact that English was the official language played an important role  in my decision.

The International coordinator from the US university played a crucial role in making my entire application process smooth, providing valuable support. The campus had dormitories so finding accommodation was an easy process. Living with other flatmates there helped me to meet new people and make friendships.

Regarding the academic aspect, disparities existed between the US college and NEWTON. The university size, grading system, and a higher frequency of assignments were notable distinctions, The overall difficulty was relatively similar.

My daily routine was pretty simple — moving between my dorm, school„ and the library for exam preparation and homework. Additionally, I took advantage of the evening social program whenever I needed to unwind and have fun.

Reflecting on my experience, my TOP 3 reasons to recommend the exchange programme:

  • it offers a great personal experience in general — you find different perspectives
  • it provides a opportunity to navigate a different study system 
  • it is a great way of stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Any my message to those who are considering the exchange programme?

“Don’t be afraid of the language barrier. People are genuinely nice; just ask if you need assistance!”

Huyen Phan (Domi), GBM student, 
visited Hilbert College, Buffalo, New York.

Where can you go?

As part of your studies, you can take the opportunity to go on a study or work placement abroad at one of our partner universities. Explore our map below and choose where you want to go. Our partners in Europe are highlighted in blue. Non-European partners are shown in yellow.

Individual programmes

Erasmus+ is an exchange programme of the European Union which enables NEWTON University students to study at a wide range of European universities. Explore the map (countries are marked in BLUE) to find out where you can travel to study or visit our table for more information.  Also get inspired by students’ Erasmus experiences.

Would you like to find out more about the admission procedure, conditions and scholarships? You can find everything in the document attached below.

Study mobility

NEWTON University students are welcome to study at a wide range of universities OUTSIDE Europe. Our partners include universities in the USA, Taiwan and Georgia. Explore the map (countries are marked in YELLOW) to find out where you can travel to study or visit our table for more information.

Would you like to find out more about the admission procedure and conditions of stay? You can find everything in the document attached below.

Study mobility

Under the Erasmus+ programme, students can not only take part in a study placement, but also practical internships. These placements can take place in European countries for 2 or 12 months. ABSOLVENTS can also go on a traineeship through the Erasmus+ programme.

You can find a possible internship here or contact us.

For more information about the conditions of the internship, the admission procedure and/​​or the scholarship, please refer to the document attached below.

Work placements during studies/​​Graduate traineeships

Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) are innovative and flexible educational programmes designed to provide students with a unique educational experience at universities in Europe. BIPs are usually between 5 and 30 days in length.

Students are informed of the opportunity to go on a BIP by email and through a notice board in the Information System.

For more information about the conditions, admission procedure and/​​or scholarship, please refer to the document attached below.

Short-term mobility

Ask us, we will be happy to advise you.

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