Virtual Exchange

What is OEP (Online Exchange Project)?

In 2023 NEWTON took part in the OEP for the first time, however the project’s idea arose already during the pandemics, when physical mobilities were not possible. Virtual mobility provided a good alternative and possibility for students to remain active during their studies.

Project has been structured around a central thematic framework, addressing topics such as science and technology, navigating changes resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic, exploring cultural similarities and differences between societies.

Within each OEP project, individual sessions were dedicated to specific subtopics. 
A key reason for assigning a main topic to each session was to use the academic background from professionals of different organisations, as well as initiating and driving a discussion.

OEP 2023 Partner Universities

NEWTON University, Czech Republic 🇨🇿

RITSUMEIKAN University, Japan 🇯🇵

HYBRIA University 🇫🇷

EUROPEAN University of Armenia 🇦🇲

OEP 2023 Schedule

October 11, 11am — 2pm

Meet and Greet, Ice Breaking, Universities and Culture presentation

October 18, 11am — 2pm

The Dual Nature of Technology: Benefits and Drawbacks

November 8, 10am —1pm

Technological Evolution and European History 

November 15, 10am — 1pm

Technology and Economic Development

November 22, 10am — 1pm

Technologies and Studies, Friends or Foes?

November 29, 10am — 1pm

Students’ Day: Presentations and Reflections

Being passionate about travel and immersing myself in diverse cultures, this program has allowed me to indulge in my love for exploration, all without leaving the comfort of my homeland.

We gained valuable insights into various countries, their traditions, and histories. It provided a fascinating escape from the daily grind of school and work, making it an exciting addition to my otherwise busy life.


Participating in the OEP project has been an eye-opening journey.

It made me motivated not just by the course content and the diversity of perspectives, but also by the prospect of visiting these countries and meeting my fellow participants in person.

I’m grateful for the chance to be part of this project and look forward to the continued growth of this international learning community.


OEP was a great opportunity to learn about different cultures, perspectives and experiences from other students from around the world.

I liked how the project was organised and facilitated, with clear goals and guidelines. I felt motivated and inspired by the diversity and creativity of the project, which upgraded my intercultural competence.


Working closely with diverse individuals honed my ability to work in a team-oriented and cross-cultural environment.

Online badges for your CV are an additional bonus to all of this. In short, this project has been a multifaceted experience that extends beyond traditional learning. So if you want to elevate your academic experience, definitely join this project in the future!


E‑meeting new students allowed me to learn fascinating cultural stories and engage in meaningful conversations.

The lectures were clear and well-taught, enhancing my overall learning experience.I look forward to a potential physical exchange in the future.


Meeting new people, sharing your opinions and learning intriguing facts during well-organised and thought-out sessions were extremely exciting.

Pondering about how technology and inventions, both beneficial and destructive, shape humanity and history was not only fascinating but also so much fun. I highly recommend joining this project!