Linking NEWTON to Harvard

We have a long-standing commitment to the topic of resilience, working with one’s mistakes, and psychological safety. That is one of the reasons why, in March 2024, we invited Harvard professor Amy C. Edmondson, who is considered the world’s foremost authority in this field, to come speak to us. At NEWTON, her topics are part of the curriculum, specialized trainings, and overall approach. Learn more on our #FeelSafe.


Our Chancellor, Anna Plechatá Krausová, originally from Czechia, earned her Ph.D. at Oxford University.
She has since brought her invaluable international experience back to the Czech Republic.
At NEWTON University, Anna Plechatá Krausová has infused new energy and leadership into our institution. You don’t have to go abroad to experience the world — we’ve brought it to you. One place, thousands of connections, countless meetings, and endless opportunities for your growth.


Business start-up and business mentoring

Workshops, lectures, inspirational meetings. If you have a business project, an idea or just a desire to learn the basics of business, sign up for the NEWTON Business Accelerator (NBA). One place, thousands of contacts, thousands of meetings, and opportunities for your growth.


Financing the project from the start

Investor funding to get your business off the ground. Get up to 500.000 CZK to start your business, mentoring and support in the beginning.
Reach out to Newton Angel Fund (NUAF). One place, thousands of contacts, thousands of meetings, and opportunities for your growth.


Professional upgrades

Programs with an emphasis on personal development, resilience and mentoring.
You’ll meet top teachers from NEWTON University and highly respected practitioners.
MBA programs accredited by CAMBAS, the Czech Association of MBA Schools. One place, thousands of contacts, thousands of meetings, and opportunities for your growth.


Open Days at NEWTON University

Discover what NEWTON has to offer!
Prague (19. 09. 2024)
Brno (12. 09. 2024)

MIT bronze boosts our school presentation

We had the opportunity to engage with students of the American Academy in Prague, sharing our expertise and introducing NEWTON University. An alumnus, who achieved a bronze medal at the Medical Hackathon at MIT, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, joined us, sharing his experiences and underscoring the benefits of connecting academic achievements with high school education.

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Celebrating 20 Years

Newton was founded in 2004 as a private college with a focus on undergraduate studies under the NEWTON College brand. Over the past two decades, it has undergone a tremendous transformation into a major institution, now offering Master’s degree programs, an English-language curriculum, and a variety of professional education options such as MBA, MSc, and LLM.

Why Study at NEWTON in English?

International Career Opportunities:

Proficiency in English opens doors to global job markets and multinational companies seeking English-speaking professionals.

Networking and Connections:

Build lifelong friendships and valuable professional contacts with peers worldwide, crucial for international collaborations and career advancement.

Hands-On Experience:

Gain practical skills with a mandatory 480-hour internship during your studies, ensuring real-world experience and certification.

Business-Focused Education:

Learn from industry professionals who bring real-world insights into the classroom.

Cultural Exchange:

Studying in English fosters cultural exchanges, enriching perspectives and understanding diverse global cultures.

Flexible Scheduling:

Enjoy adaptable schedules designed to accommodate your studies, internships, jobs, and practical experience, ensuring a balanced and fulfilling educational journey.

Start your global career at NEWTON

Exciting News from the Newton University Regatta!

Our Chancellor, Anna Plechatá Krausová and her team, secured second place in her category at the recent Newtoncup! This achievement, highlights the dedication and teamwork that define our university sport, yachting. 


Explore the globe

20 countries, 44 partner universities: embark on a study abroad experience tailored to your preferences. Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, languages, and perspectives, while building an extensive international network that paves the way for a thriving career.

We collaborate with leading international companies

Study in the world’s most beautiful city

Prague boasts stunning parks, an excellent public transport system, and exceptional safety ranking as the third safest city worldwide. Experience a city steeped in culture, offering a vibrant entertainment scene and serving as the headquarters for renowned international companies. Discover the magic of Prague

See what our students think about NEWTON

I came to Prague to start a career in business, take advantage of the opportunities here and one day start my own company. NEWTON University offered me everything I needed: studying in English, learning from experienced teachers, and a hybrid schedule that fits my tennis and work life. The teachers are specialists in the field — they know what they’re talking about and can teach you based on the real life experiences and difficult decisions they had to make. We can ask them questions and give them our opinion.

Gabriela Cotiga, Global Business and Management student

Global Business and Management feels like a big, supportive family, making studying fun. The teachers at NEWTON share cool real-world stuff, not just boring theories. Global Business and Management and NEWTON let us juggle work and studies, and being with other students doing the same is like having a bunch of friends supporting each other. In a nutshell, my time here has been great.

Asmatullah Ahmadzai, Global Business and Management student

NEWTON University is a combination of the two most important factors for developing the next generation of business leaders: the highly valued experience and in-depth knowledge of the faculty, and a proactive alumni community to which you will belong for the rest of your life.  As an international student, I am sure that these connections will help me build a successful business anywhere on the planet.

Oksana Sydoruk, Global Business and Management student

As a half-Czech, half-Spanish individual, I decided to study in Prague because something was calling me here. I chose NEWTON University because of the opportunities and skills that this school can provide for my future self. My favourite subjects are Marketing and Psychology. However, NEWTON is also a great place for blending traditions and cultures, which occurs during International Evenings. It’s about meeting new, amazing people and having exciting experiences.

Klára Dvořáková, Global Business and Management student

I was positively surprised by Financial Markets or Human Resources Management, which will definitely contribute to my career as a professional. Networking and making new friends was easy for me, as an extrovert. At NU, you have to work seriously, without taking yourself too seriously. The atmosphere was hard-working, motivating, pushing me to do my best, yet filled with cheerful people.

Maxime Jardin, Global Business and Management exchange student

I like that NEWTON University combines a lot of practice with theory. The main benefits are the international surroundings and the opportunity to travel abroad — spending one semester in the US was an enriching experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone. 

Thi Thanh Huyen Phan, Global Business and Management student

It was easy to acclimatize to living in this beautiful city. The Czech culture is slightly different, but in the end, not significantly so. The classes are great, and the limited number of students allows us to ask questions to the teachers easily. I particularly appreciated the organisation of the exam period, during which we could fully focus on our exams, which was very comfortable.

Jules Wuattier, Global Business and Management exchange student

I chose to study at NEWTON because I wanted to learn from people with real life experience in the areas they are teaching, rather than just theoretical knowledge. I study online, and this programme gives me the flexibility to fit lectures and classes around my family life and work commitments.

Brendan Tucker, student in the Global Business and Management programme