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Online Info Session — NEWTON Business Incubator & Accelerator

The NEWTON Business Accelerator is an intensive 7‑month incubation and acceleration programme to kick-start business ideas and projects for NEWTON University students, NEWTON Family members, and interested members of the public.

How to sign up for the project and develop your business strategy? Where to meet experienced professionals and how to win the funding? 

Watch the info session with the guarantee of the programme — Margareta Křížová and find out!

Pop-up Market

The Pop-up Market at NEWTON University by NEWTON Business Accelerator is a chance to meet face-to-face with customers and gather valuable feedback on your product or service. Set up a sales booth, showcase your products, and experience firsthand how marketing is done.

We are organising the Pop-up Market again this year on March 19, 2024.

You can find more information here.

Am I a born entrepreneur?

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NEWTON Business Accelerator Year 3

Incubation Programme

Are you considering entrepreneurship yet looking around for inspiration and entrepreneurial know-how?
As part of the NBA incubation you can participate in workshops, lectures and inspirational sessions.

Acceleration programme

Do you have a concrete business idea, or are you already at the beginning of your business and looking for progress? Apply for the next run of the NEWTON Business Accelerator, applications will be open from May 15 to August 30 2024.

We’ll require some information regarding your project. You can find the application form and presentation template here on the website from May 15.
If we deem your idea viable, we will invite you to present it to the mentor accelerator team. Following a successful defence of your idea or project, your NEWTON Business Accelerator journey can commence.

In addition to having a heart that beats for business, it’s important that you understand a few more things:

  • Being a visionary is not enough; to be successful in business, you must also be a finisher.
  • You don’t have to have a complete business plan, a fat bank account, or a company set up. What’s more important is a good idea and the will to do something.
  • Building a successful business means playing the long game. You won’t become a millionaire overnight.

Top business personalities

As part of the accelerator mentoring programme, you will receive guidance from mentors who have achieved significant success in business. It’s in your hands how you engage with these mentors and convince them to support you and your project.

Useful workshops

Through practical workshops, you will gain hands-on experience in understanding what works and what doesn’t. You will be guided by inspiring personalities with compelling entrepreneurial stories. Prepare your questions for the best ones.


We’ll connect you with individuals you won’t just casually meet. Who wouldn’t want to engage with Jiří Vávra, a marketing strategist from Deloitte & Marketing Ninja, Karel Novotný, an expert in branding, Linda Vavříková, the founder of the first experience company in the Czech Republic, or Vladimíra Michnová, the Head of HR at Linet? Explore the mentor lineup at NEWTON Business Accelerator.


If you’ve made a promising start with your business and are in need of investment, we offer you an opportunity to secure seed funding (initial investment) from the NEWTON University Angel Fund

If you have any questions or ideas, feel free to email me at For insightful tips on starting a business, you can check out my blog. I’m excited about the opportunity to meet you at the NEWTON Business Accelerator event.

Margareta Křížová, MBA

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