Pop Up Market

March 19, 2024 10am — 4pm

This year’s Pop Up Market was worth it again!

It was filled with fun, promotion, and a great atmosphere.

That’s how you could sum up another fantastic year of the Pop Up Market. It was all about good vibes, inspiration, and enjoyable meetings with our amazing exhibitors who had a lot to offer. Take a look for yourself; we’ve made a video and snapped some photos for you. 

So, what do you think? Would you like to join us next year? If you’ve got a great product or service, we’ll take care of the rest. 

Come and experience it for yourself next year!

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NEWTON University in Prague

Who has already exhibited at Pop Up Markets

Denity — Denisa Pesova


We’re an e‑shop specialising in women’s fashion, a proud extension of our family business. Every item we offer is carefully crafted in our workshop in Kutná Hora. Our dream is to create garments that will bring joy to our customers for years to come, with timeless cuts and exceptional quality.

BousyBrand — Maria Žilineková


A fashion brand inspired by psychedelics, art and life. We are BousyBrand, a brand made for creation. We focus on artistic, carefree people, skaters and people who are not afraid to show who they really are.

STUDIFY — Dominik Majera, Sebastian Šlechta


We inspire people to discover themselves through education fostering a shared and secure environment for personal growth. Through our guidance, we transform our clients’ needs and challenges into valuable insights and solutions.

Hobio — Radim Novotný


Hobio is a revolutionary mobile app designed to connect people for various activities. Our mission is to enable users to find like-minded partners in real time, regardless of location. With the goal of launching the app before the summer holidays, we aim not only to enrich the Czech market but also to swiftly expand internationally.

Altraidea — Iva Břízová


Altraidea is revolutionising communication and conflict resolution. We enhance customer service, teamwork, and online reviews. We inspire clients to perceive the world differently, empowering them to make strategic decisions and achieve their goals.

JEDEME TAXI — Adam Psota


We’re a Brno-based taxi company, bustling especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Our goal is straightforward: a satisfied customer. We stand out with top-quality service, a customer-centric approach, and authenticity, ensuring each ride is a unique experience.

Lying Anna — Anna Benedikt

prolhana anna

I guide people on the path to a successful podcast. Whether you want your podcast to attract new clients or you simply want to have fun with it, I’m here to help. From the initial idea to publishing your first episode, I’ll be with you every step of the way.

BASEFOUND — Vojtěch Šobek, Petr Kamenčák


Transform your workspace and unleash your creativity. Discover stylish chargers, desk organizers, and office equipment that you’ll adore.

GoSocial — Sara Stankova


GoSocial — a team of marketing specialists united by a common goal: to support entrepreneurs on their online journey. We’re here for those who value honest communication, achievable goals, and a clear marketing strategy. It’s time to GoSocial!

Martin Legeza


My goal is to create a brand that provides people with exceptional food they’ll want to savor repeatedly and eventually attempt to cook themselves using my recipes. The Pop-Up will also showcase my cookbook, each purchase bringing me closer to realizing my dream of opening my own bistro.

Reshiner — Ladislav Veselý


We specialise in cleaning and spot cleaning car interiors, sofas, and armchairs, whether in homes or businesses.

Rentall.cz — Martin Tašner


Rent everything you need with us. A wide range of items available for rent all in one place. Discover, compare, and rent with ease.

COOLNA | café and tea room — Zdeněk Řeháček


In a rugged region, cozy spots filled with good coffee and delicious cakes are sprouting up. With coffee as bold as Ostrava itself, we’re here to tantalise the taste buds of the hungry Newtonians and kick-start your day with a burst of energy.

Oliver König


I am currently one of the handful of the best new generation motorcycle racers in the Czech Republic. As the sole Czech representative in the premier class of the World Superbike Championship (WSBK), I’m making waves on the international stage. At this year’s Pop-Up, we’re gearing up for an exciting competition: a chance to train alongside me for a day.

Passion for Reading, z. s. — Karolína Kroupová

vasen ke cteni

We bridge the gap between generations by reading books in senior citizen’s homes, connecting the younger and older generations. Our volunteers assist, contributing to education and literary interest, but most importantly, we bring smiles to faces.

OneCup. Bar — Vojta Toman


OneCup. Bar is a unique cocktail bar that joins interesting events and contributes to their exceptional atmosphere. We serve drinks in stainless steel cups with a smile and our mission is to maintain a good mood of both guests and event organizers

U&Me - Olesya Družinina, Ma Thuy Quynh


Our emerging brand U&Me is based on crocheting high-quality cotton bags and clothing such as tops or dresses, all handmade. Our aim is to introduce original pieces to the Czech market that are not here yet. We take in our colourful bags with asymmetrical shapes that serve as versatile accessories, complementing any outfit.

Beppe bakery — Linda Dangová

beppe bakery

At Beppe bakery we make unique baked goods that are different from European ones. We offer a wide variety of freshly baked pastries for any occasion. We prioritise the use of the best local ingredients to achieve delectable treats, ranging from delicious cakes to a variety of savoury delights. Beppe Bakery offers a broad spectrum of tastes, providing satisfaction for locals eager to explore Asian delicacies they haven’t yet experienced, as well as for members of the Asian community who yearn for the flavors of home but lack the opportunity to return to Asia whenever cravings strike.

Shard — Dominik Souček


Modern leather products from the foothills of the Giant Mountains. Each product is the result of our precise handmade production, evident from the moment you lay eyes on it. During the process we put maximum emphasis on design, functionality and quality of workmanship. Shard products promise joy, never failing to impress.

Edible Crucible — Miroslav Myronchuk

jedly kelimek

Coffee, tea, cocoa, other beverages or even ice cream can be served in a 100% natural and fully edible cup, which also serves as a sweet treat after enjoying the drink.

Bodyaddict — Sabina Černá

body addict

Bodyaddict is a platform that creates a safe place to leave your comfort zone. We want to provide tools and support in taking care of mental health and wellbeing. Our mission is to empower individuals to work on their personal growth and aspire towards their fullest potential.

Why try our Pop Up?

Easy sales

Pop Up represents a popular and effective marketing add-on. Create a great booth, come up with a pull for customers, and we will pull you through the networks.


Pop Up is great in that you have immediate feedback. Watch your customers’ reactions, collect insights from them, and hook them.

Friendly atmosphere

People love Pop Ups for their immediacy and dynamism. Use the relaxed atmosphere to motivate people to buy.


Who’s gonna give you this? There’s no charge for NEWTON Pop Up, but it’s up to you if the booth catches the customer’s eye. Do whatever it takes to get their attention.

How do I get into the Pop Up Market?

  1. Let us know what you want to exhibit at the NEWTON Pop Up market — either with a product or service. Feel free to send a photo of the product or your website. Do you only have a prototype or a single product yet? No problem, you can still ask people what they think about it and if they would buy it. 
  2. Prepare a proposal of what your booth could look like. There are no limits to creativity, the important thing is to engage the customer.
  3. We’ll meet with you and work out the details.

Do you have any questions? Write to veronika.piskova@newton.university.

Everything you need in one place

Project Coordinator
Veronika Písková
NEWTON Pop Up Market is organized by NEWTON Business Accelerator.