Pop Up Market

March 19, 2024 10am — 5pm

Second annual Pop Up Market organized by NEWTON Business Accelerator

Fun, promotion, great atmosphere!

Want to find new customers and still have fun while doing it? Come to the second annual NEWTON Pop Up Market and showcase your product or service. We will help you with your stand and promotion, it’s up to you to impress.

See what the first ever Pop Up Market at NEWTON University looked like


March 19, 2024 10am — 5pm


NEWTON University



What will it look like?

The Pop Up will take place at NEWTON University. Booths will be room style. We will provide the area and you will do the great styling and advertising.

Why try our Pop Up?

Easy sales

Pop Up represents a popular and effective marketing add-on. Create a great booth, come up with a pull for customers, and we will pull you through the networks.


Pop Up is great in that you have immediate feedback. Watch your customers’ reactions, collect insights from them, and hook them.

Friendly atmosphere

People love Pop Ups for their immediacy and dynamism. Use the relaxed atmosphere to motivate people to buy.


Who’s gonna give you this? There’s no charge for NEWTON Pop Up, but it’s up to you if the booth catches the customer’s eye. Do whatever it takes to get their attention.

How do I get into the Pop Up Market?

  1. Let us know what you want to exhibit at the NEWTON Pop Up market — either with a product or service. Feel free to send a photo of the product or your website. Do you only have a prototype or a single product yet? No problem, you can still ask people what they think about it and if they would buy it. 
  2. Prepare a proposal of what your booth could look like. There are no limits to creativity, the important thing is to engage the customer.
  3. We’ll meet with you and work out the details.

Do you have any questions? Write to veronika.piskova@newton.university.

Everything you need in one place

Project Coordinator
Veronika Písková
NEWTON Pop Up Market is organized by NEWTON Business Accelerator.