NEWTON Business Summit

24. March 2023 10:00 — 17:00

Professional training as a creative force in your career

Connect with people who will offer you a powerful story and the joy of your own career linked to our professional programmes. Meet interesting personalities from the business world and find out what we have to offer you in professional education.


Tuesday 24 March 2023 10:00 — 17:00


Prague Congress Centre, entrance 6, room 4 and 5.




PhDr. Marian Jelínek, Ph.D.

Professional guarantor of the NEWTON Premium regime, mental coach of top athletes and managers

Milan Formánek

Lecturer and consultant in modern marketing leadership, worked for 14 years at Red Bull Media House, headed the creative communications agency Zaraguza

Ing. Olga Girstlová, Ph.D.

President of the Czech-Moravian Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Managers, consultant and investor

Tomáš Ervín Dombrovský

Head of Analysis, Communications and Relations at LMC

Ing. Kateřina Bělková

Expert in agreements — mediator, coach and lecturer

Margareta Křížová, MBA

Head of NEWTON Business Accelerator, business mentor and advisor in business strategy and M&A

doc. Ing. Jiří Koleňák, Ph.D., MBA, LL.M.

Lecturer and Vice-Rector for Strategy and Development, professional guarantor of MBA and management education, successful entrepreneur, owner of several companies

Mgr. Andrea Kráslová

Head of the NEWTON Careers Centre

Tomáš Hauptvogel

Teacher of MBA program, manager of a successful business, director and head of dramaturgy of NEWTON TV

doc. PhDr. PaedDr. Eva Ambrozová, Ph.D., MBA

Lecturer and Head of the Centre for Humanities, expert in the selection, preparation and development of people in challenging environments

Ing. Ludmila Navrátilová, Ph.D.

Head of the Marketing Centre, lecturer and guarantor of marketing courses, mentor and marketing consultant of consumer behaviour trends, sustainability, fashion marketing and start-up projects

Lidija Kovarik

Graduate and student of NEWTON University, Director and Managing Director of Illusion Art Museum, mental coach, member of the Association of Successful Women of the Republic of Croatia

Martin Jeřábek

Managing Partner and Director of Atelier 99 architectural and design office, graduate of MBA and MSc. programs at NEWTON University

JUDr. Katarína Maisnerová

Guarantor of the LL. M. Law in Business programme, lecturer of legal subjects, winner of the Lawyer of the Year award (2014)

Ing. Petr Kazík, Ph.D.

Head of the Management Centre, President of the Czech Management Association, 30 years of experience in management and education

Hana Stehlíková

Family photographer, marketing consultant for photographers, MSc graduate. and Bachelor’s degree and current Master’s student at NEWTON University

Jan Krégl

Hockey coach, manager and university lecturer

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