Panel debate: Media, leadership, education and AI

March 20, 2024 at 5pm

What is the current state of the media, and what does its future look like from the perspectives of an influential journalist and influencer, a media analyst, and an AI expert?

Margareta Křížová will lead a panel discussion on the current changes in the media landscape.

  • What is the influence of AI and what is its role?
  • In what ways are Generation XYZ consuming media content?
  • Are print media doomed to extinction?
  • What is the role of public service media in society?
  • Is the media able to follow trends and how fast?

Čestmír Strakatý, David Kursa and David Grudl were invited to participate in Margareta Křížová’s panel.


March 20, 2024 at 5pm


NEWTON University campus — register as places are limited




Margareta Křížová, MBA

Head of NEWTON Business Accelerator, business mentor and advisor in business strategy and M&A

Business mentor and advisor in the field of business strategy and M&A. She also works with start-ups in the context of negotiating the entry of a financial investor. She is a business mentor in business incubators and accelerators and a judge in entrepreneurial competitions such as T‑Mobile rozjezdy (T‑Mobile pitches), Startup Weekend and Women Startup Competition. She is a member of the Council for Commercialization of Science and Research Results of the Czech University of Agriculture. 

She was an investor in the Czech Television show Den D (D‑Day). She has hosted her own programme on Radio ZET, Podnikání od A do ZET (Entrepreneurship from A to ZET), and on Czech Television she hosted a programme focused on financial literacy and entrepreneurship Máme na to (We Got It). Albatros publishing house published her book Z deníku investorky aneb Jak podnikat a nezbláznit se (From the Diary of an Investor or How to Run a Business and Not Go Crazy).

Čestmír Strakatý

Moderator and podcaster CzechCrunch

Čestmír was born in Tábor and, like the Hussites, soon came to Prague. He has been working in the media for over 10 years. He started at ČT24 as a news editor and later as a news editor at ČT24. He worked as a co-editor on the production of Události, komentáře with the team of Martin Veselovský and Daniela Drtinová. Later he met them again at DVTV, where as a content editor and editor he contributed to the Journalism Award-winning interview with Martin Konvička and hundreds of others. He left DVTV to start an interview programme for the Czech News Center. He later got into Reflex, which he grew up with and which shaped him to some extent.

Since 2022, he has been working on his own podcast, currently under the CzechCrunch brand. He enjoys people and their stories, politicians more than politics. He enjoys natural discussion and pushing his own boundaries. Music plays a fundamental role in his life. And tattoos. His hero is BoJack Horseman, the perfect backdrop are Boards of Canada and thumping techno.

David Grudl

Programmer and columnist

David Grudl is a Czech programmer and publicist, best known for his contributions to web development and open source projects. He is the author of Umě — a website about artificial intelligence, where David clearly describes what you should know about artificial intelligence and how to use it in practice.

His blog La Trine was nominated for the prestigious Magnesia Litera literary award in 2015. Outside of his programming work, David also does training in web application development and lectures on a regular basis. Among other things, he participates in Spartan Races and marathons.

David Kursa

Media Analyst

David is an experienced media analyst with a background in PR, media and social media communications. He is currently part of the senior management team at Newton Media, having previously led communications agency C&B Group (now katz 83) from the position of Managing Director. Whether in analytics or direct implementation, David has been involved in dozens of campaigns — from business to purely reputational to political and media projects. 

You can turn to David if you are wondering where to source and how to work with (not only) media data or how to analyze, interpret and sell it well. And because David is a (somewhat skeptical) fan of AI, he can also advise you on how to use it in communication and data work.

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