NEWTON Research & Innovation Week

March 18 — 21, 2024 with a kick-off on March 12, 2024

Best of NEWTON University in one week

Unexpected discoveries, cutting-edge science, business trends, inspiring personalities, powerful stories. Interactive events, a week full of experiences, endless inspiration.

8 events — 5 inspiring days — 40+ speakers


March 12, 2024

5pm — 7:00pm

The Science of Failing Well with Amy C. Edmondson

NUG Annual Conference

March 18, 2024

2pm — 5pm

NEWTON University Group’s Strategic Direction

Forum of Entrepreneurship

March, 19 2024

9am — 5pm

Entrepreneurship, education and social development in the context of technological change

Pop Up Market

March 19, 2024

10am — 4pm

Support your classmates, inspire each other

Job Fair

March 20, 2024

10am — 4pm

Get a great internship

Panel debate: Media, leadership, education and AI

March 20, 2024


Guests: Čestmír Strakatý, Margareta Křížová and others

NEWTON Business Summit

March 21, 2024

9am — 4pm

Experience the best of our professional programmes

Representative Ball

March 21, 2024

7pm — 2am

A festive climax to the week

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Project Coordinator
Veronika Písková