Job fair

March 20, 2024

Fill your junior positions

We invite you to attend the second annual Job Fair at NEWTON University’s 6x top-rated private university. By attending our fair, you have the opportunity to reach students directly through your campaign and participation, fill junior positions with quality people, and gain beneficial partnerships. Don’t miss out on a great opportunity for your employer brand.

NEWTON has been successfully preparing its students to enter the job market for 20 years. In that time, it has produced graduates who regularly rank in Forbes magazine surveys and work at prestigious companies. Each student here must complete up to 480 hours of work experience, for which we purposefully prepare them. Offer them an internship and take advantage of the opportunity to gain quality emloyees.

Why reach out to our students?

  • We place an emphasis on teaching practical skills.
  • Our teachers are recognised experts in their fields and pass on practical know-how to our students.
  • We teach students to think critically.
  • We share insights on industry trends.
  • We are leaders in fields ranging from brand and digital marketing to management, international business, public administration, finance to psychology and human resources.

Our students are prepared for their careers by Jiří Koleňák, Margareta Křížová, Karel Novotný, Marian Jelínek and many other industry stars.

Partnership alternatives

I want to be at the NU Job Fair

  • Price: 15,000 CZK excl. VAT
  • The price includes physical participation at the fair, participation in activities for students at the fair

I want to be the main partner of the NU Job Fair

  • Price: 30,000 CZK excl. VAT
  • Includes physical presence at the fair, space to present the company and available positions, free advertising of up to 3 available positions per year, access to classes and direct contact with students, presentation also on LCD screen at the entrance to the school

NU Book — partner catalogue

At the same time, we are also launching a portal where you can buy space in the brand new NU BOOK Catalogue of partner employers and organisations. This will allow you to present to our students, faculty, graduate students and other partners in both online and beautiful print form throughout the year from March 2024 to March 2025.

A4 page: 25,000 CZK excl. VAT
Half A4 page: 15,000 CZK excel. VAT

I want to be there for everything

The best choice! Be at the fair and in the NU Book Catalogue. The package includes:

  • Attendance at the Job Fair on March 20, 2024
  • Space in the brand new NU BOOK Catalogue for partner employers and organisations (full A4 page). This allows you to showcase yourself to our students, lecturers, postgraduate students and other partners, online and in beautiful print, for a full year from March 2024 to March 2025.

35,000 CZK excl. VAT

Something you are interested in? Contact us

Job Fair Project Manager
Helena Lorenc
Business Manager
Ing. Paula Moviari, MSc., MBA., LL.M