Your Journey Through Studies


First Year

In the first year, you will undertake courses such as Psychology for Managers, Marketing, or Business Administration, review concepts in Mathematics and Statistics, acquaint yourself with Microeconomics, and subsequently Macroeconomics. The latter part of the year will be more specialised – continuing with Management education and an advanced course in Business Administration. You will boost your personal growth in Business English and Global Communication Skills and pass your first specialised course — Political and Cultural Aspects of Global Business

Throughout the Year

  • You will get accustomed to the university study system – semesters, teaching weeks, and exam periods.

  • You will integrate into the community through an orientation day, parties, sports events, and the NEWTON University ball.

  • You will gain your first experiences in the field through practical training during your studies, completing a minimum of 480 hours over three years, giving you a significant advantage over your peers.

Second Year

You will primarily focus on studying courses related to management. You will also learn about Integrated Marketing Communication, undertake Basics of Accounting or courses in International and Area Studies, and choose two elective subjects according to your preferences.

Throughout the Year

  • You will choose from study courses based on your professional direction and orientation and participate in various professional and social events, lectures by famous personalities, and discussion meetings.

  • You will complete most of your practical training, which you can conclude in the second year with a presentation of the outputs and contributions from the perspective of your professional and personal development.

  • You can spend one or more semesters at a partner foreign university as part of the Erasmus program.

Third Year

Among elective subjects, you will choose two according to your future professional specialisation. You will undertake courses aimed at acquiring necessary managerial skills, such as Crisis Management, Ethical Aspects of Management or Communication and Presentation Skills. You will attend a bachelor seminar and choose a topic for your bachelor thesis. You will dedicate yourself to this throughout the entire final semester, culminating in its defence and taking the state final examination.

Throughout the Year

  • You will choose a part of your study course according to your ideas and professional orientation.

  • You will choose the topic of your bachelor thesis.

  • We will reduce your study obligations so that you have time to write your bachelor thesis and prepare for the state final exams.

  • Eventually, you will get a Bachelor’s degree from NEWTON University!