How we built the “Růžový slon” e‑shop

It’s getting pretty hot in here. 🥵 We invite all #NBA members and PREMIUM students to another great meeting in Brno. 🥳
This meeting will be really spicy! 🔥 We will take you on a behind the scenes tour of how the biggest erotic e‑shop in the Czech Republic is built. 🤪🍆
Our invitation this time was accepted by Adam Durčák, the founder of the e‑shop Růžový slon (which translates to “Pink Elephant” in English), who will tell you all the juicy behind-the-scenes of how Růžový slon was created. 😎

📅 on Thursday, November 9th from 10:00 a.m.
📍 NEWTON Lounge in Brno

Don’t forget to register 👉