Lecturer profile

Dipl.-Ing. Juan Pablo Maldonado, Ph.D.

Centre for International Programmes

Pablo Maldonado is an applied mathematician and data scientist, as well as an expert on the future of Artificial and Augmented Intelligence. He teaches courses on Mathematics and Statistics at NEWTON. 

What is the most interesting thing you’re working on at the moment?

I’m in the process of redesigning my courses to use collaborative learning techniques — I’ve seen great success with this approach in other countries, and I’m really excited to bring it to my students.

What is your favourite part of your role at NEWTON?

When my students realise that maths classes are not as terrible as they thought they would be! Sometimes they’re even surprised to find that they enjoy it! 

What does your research focus on right now?

I supervise students working on reinforcement learning, which is a branch of artificial intelligence in which algorithms are used to solve problems in pricing and decision-making in complex systems.

Tell us one interesting thing about yourself.

I am a martial arts enthusiast (krav maga, kickboxing), and also an aspiring actor (film/​​TV). There’s a big overlap between teaching and acting!

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