Teaching at NEWTON during the Covid-19 pandemic

How do we teach during the pandemic?

As the situation with the Covid-19 pandemic continues to evolve, we’re ensuring that our classrooms and campus are following all of the regulations set out by the government to control the spread of the infection, while also making sure that the level of education and support you receive is consistent with our usual high standards.

Until further notice, the following regulations apply:


  • All lectures, seminars and workshops are being conducted as usual. In groups of more than 50 people, everyone is obliged to use respiratory protective equipment (i. e. respirator masks of class FFP2, N95 or KN95, or nanomasks with comparable parameters of protection against the spread of droplets).


  • The obligation to use respiratory protective equipment also applies in the university’s common areas.


  • If regulations require, or if we judge there to be a non-negligible risk of a Covid-19 outbreak on NU campus, teaching activities may take place either in hybrid form, or exclusively using means of remote communication (videoconferencing). We will inform you using your NEWTON email account if this occurs. 

Where can I find up-to-date information?

You can always find all important information about teaching on the NEWTON University website’s section on Internal Regulations.

When does the term start?

In 2021/22, the winter semester begins on 27 September, and the summer semester on 7 February. You can find a specific start date for your individual study programme in the NU IS Student Portal, in the ‘Personal Timetable’ section.

Where can I find my timetable?

You can find your up-to-date timetable in the NU IS Student Portal, in the ‘Personal Timetable’ section, including any replacements or changes. In the notes below the timetable, you will find a link to the virtual classroom on WebinarJam or Zoom. 

How do online lectures work?

How do online lectures work?
Online lectures take place through Zoom or the WebinarJam platform. To use WebinarJam, all you need to do is register for lectures for each course once, before the first lecture. You will receive an email notification for each subsequent lecture and a link to the virtual classroom. 
All registered students will have access to a recording of the lecture using the same link for 40 days. Student can ask comments or questions via the programme’s messaging function.

What equipment is necessary to participate in online learning?

You can join lectures and seminars using any computer or smartphone that can run WebinarJam or Zoom. For seminars, it is mandatory to turn on your camera, so if your device doesn’t have a built-in camera, you’ll also need an external webcam. 

How do online seminars work?

Online seminars take place through the Zoom platform, with all participants required to turn on their cameras. Seminars are interactive, and students are expected to participate fully. Seminars are not recorded.

Where can I find contact details for my lecturers?

Lecturer contact information can be found in the IS NU. 

Where can I find a link to a virtual classroom?

Links to virtual classrooms on WebinarJam or Zoom can be found in IS NU Student Portal, in the ‘Personal Timetable’ section, in the notes below your schedule.

Where can I find teaching materials?

Teaching materials are available in the IS NU’s ‘Documents’ section, and in Moodle.

Where can I get an enrollment certificate?

A certificate confirming your enrollment in one of our study programmes can be obtained from the Study Department in either Prague or Brno, or in electronic form — just contact our Study Department.

Can I visit the school library?

The library is fully accessible to students, as long as all regulations are followed, including the wearing of respirator masks of class FFP2, N95 or KN95, or nanomasks with comparable parameters of protection against the spread of droplets.

I have further questions, who can I contact?

Student Services
Dana Petrboková