Prof. Roberto Serrano: Fascinating Journey into Game Theory

Hey there, game changers from #NEWTONUniversity! 🙌
Join us for a fascinating journey into game theory 🎲 as we explore the world of decision-making and strategy. Professor Roberto Serrano from Brown University 🎓🇺🇸 will give you unexpected insights into cooperative game theory and its real-world applications. 🌐📈

📆 on Wednesday, November 8th at 5pm
📍 NEWTON University in Prague, room n. 5

Here’s what’s on the agenda:
- Unpacking the secrets of cooperative games. 🧩
- Mixing strategy and teamwork like a boss. 💼🤝
- Who’s teaming up in the worlds of economics and politics? 🗳️
- Quantifying political power using the magic of numbers. 🔢🎩

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See you there, knowledge seekers! 🤓👾