Legal english

Learn all of the nuances of legal English so that you never get lost in the jargon again

Enter the prestigious world of international law

For most leading law firms, it’s a priority to have employees who’re fluent in English. But even if you do have great conversational English, legal English is a completely different ball game, replete with potential misunderstandings, and overlooked details. With us, you can gain a thorough grounding in legal English in just three months. You will expand your vocabulary, learn specific phrases from the field, leaving you more confident in your ability to work on legal cases in English.

Courses focus

Legal English

English for judges, lawyers, paralegals and law students

  • You will learn in-depth legal English and improve your fluency in professional communication.
  • You will be better able to discuss legal cases in English and represent English-speaking clients.
  • You will learn what to look out for when preparing English legal documents.
  • You will master writing legal contracts in English.
  • You will gain a theoretical understanding of a wide range of  important topics in the field.
  • You will learn legal terminology that will help you formulate and express your arguments precisely.
  • You will practice developing arguments and responding quickly to questions in English using examples of specific legal cases.

4 months (one 90 minute lesson per week,16 lessons in total)

CZK 10,000 (NEWTON University students have a 10% discount)

Legal English for business professionals

English for business professionals working abroad or within an international setting

  • You will increase your understanding of legal terms in the fields of commercial law, marketing law, labour law and other areas of business.
  • You will get an overview of what to focus on in contracts and negotiations with English-speaking clients.
  • You will become comfortable navigating the complex documents and forms that are an inevitable part of doing business across borders 
  • You will be able to discuss a broad range of issues related to business law in English.
  • You will improve your  ability to communicate fluently with English partners and suppliers.
  • You will expand your vocabulary and learn phrases and expressions common in business English.

3 months (one 90 minute lesson per week,12 lessons in total)

CZK 10,000 (10 % discount for NEWTON University students)

Legal English for support staff

English for people working in administrative support roles for judges, lawyers,or in court settings.

  • You will learn legal terminology relevant to the preparation of legal documents, contracts and other documents.
  • You will learn to communicate to meet the specific needs of legal administrative support.
  • You will be able to check and proofread documents in English.
  • You will focus on accurate expression in correspondence or spoken English.
  • You will expand your vocabulary and learn phrases and expressions common within the  industry.

3 months (one 90 minute lesson per week,12 lessons total)

CZK 9,000 (10% discount for NEWTON University students)

Main lecturer

Michael Kierans — Bachelor of Laws (LLB) who has worked as a solicitor for twenty years. TEFL teacher with extensive experience teaching legal English and preparing students for the prestigious ILEC and TOLES legal English exams.